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  • The Great American Ostrich Races -- When was the last time you witnessed an ostrich race? If you haven’t yet experienced it, you must make it a point to attend this hilarious and unpredictable event. At the 2014 Ostrich Festival, ostrich races will captivate audiences with their crazy riders and unexpected animal behavior.
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  • Rhinestone Roper - For the past fifteen years, The Rhinestone Roper Show has thrilled audiences Coast to Coast and Boarder to Boarder with award winning trick roping , knife throwing , bullwhip cracking, gun spinning, fast draw shooting and with amazing stunts by veteran trick horses Luck Joe and Handsome Jack.

    Dan has gained tremendous stature as a true master in show casing the "Tools of the Cowboy." You may have recently seen Dan and Handsome Jack as finalists on America's Got Talent!Dan is the:· 2009-World Champion All Around Wild West Performer · 2009- World Champion Knife Performer · 2009- World Champion Whip performer · 2007-World Champion Gun Spinner

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  • FreakShow Deluxe hits the stage like a raucous freight-train - full of sexy performers, stunning visuals and a sense of humor that keeps the audience enthralled. Like the voice from a bygone era, the FreakShow Deluxe comes straight out of America's mythology. It is a dark vaudevillian extravaganza that keeps spectators coming back for more.

    FreakShow Deluxe is not a "collection of glowing light" or "avant garde tribal culture" - it does not pretend to be "immersed into otherworldly magic" or "marching into the stratosphere on the wings of imagination..." FreakShow Deluxe certainly is NOT made up of "outsider artistic children that never grew up" who wish to "travel upon a modern day pirate ship."

    FreakShow Deluxe is about the REAL. It deals in flesh and blood; in pain and pleasure; in flame, fire and sharp pointy things! It treads that fine line between the dastardly and the divine with danger, laughter and finesse. With FreakShow Deluxe's company of professional entertainers, it's actions prove the amazing and the astounding --

    FreakShow Deluxe makes the impossible possible.
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  • The Fearless Flores Family are 9 generations of circus and travel all over the country performing at fairs/festivals and just about any event imaginable. They are based in FL , but are only home 2 months a year. The feature attraction is the Globe of Death.

    This 14 ft steel cage is the setting for some mindblowing motorcycle madness. 2 motorcycles at the same time racing around and criss-crossing over the top. As if riding a motorcycle in a cage isnt wild enough, one of the riders is one of about 5 females to take on this challenging feat.

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  • Enjoy baffling magic and hilarious comedy, with this family oriented show, filled with lots of audience participation and silly fun. You’ll be laughing out load one minute and completely amazed the next.

    Donʼt miss the antics of THURSTON, the Performing Parrot.

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  • Water Balls

    Our water balls are a unique new attraction in which riders get the opportunity to walk on water inside a air sealed hamster ball! The 6 and a half foot diameter walking water ball has enough breathable air volume inside the sphere for an average person to remain inside for a long period of time without refilling the ball. This attraction is complete with a large rectangular pool. All day, Everyday.
  • Baby calves, goats, pigs, burros, buffaloes, and miniature horses vie for the attention of their young feeders. Kids pet these adorable babies one on one. This is something most kids can never hope to do in modern times. Don’t let them miss out on it!
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  • Axe Women Loggers of Maine travel throughout the world stopping at various festivals and events to showcase their world championship woodsmen skills. This all female team hold six world titles among themselves in various competitions. Axe Women shows include underhand chopping, standing block chopping, hot sawing, cross cut sawing, axe throwing, and log rolling. You won't want to miss this exhilarating exhibition in the ultimate of girl power! Between scheduled shows, Axe Women offer to those interested, the opportunity to learn the fun skills of log rolling and axe throwing.
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  • The 2014 Ostrich Festival will feature Camel & Pony Rides. Have you ever taken a ride on a camel? Now is your chance. Don't miss out!
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  • This world-class famous Las Vegas bird show features Eagles, Macaws, Hornbills, Cassowary, Cockatoos, Cranes, Emu, Parrots, and even a 10 foot wingspan Condor all in a free-flying in an avian extravaganza! These are the very same bird-stars who have been featured on Late Night with David Letterman, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TV Specials with Siegfried and Roy and David Copperfield, and at major Las Vegas hotels including the Venetian, Caesars Palace, the Tropicana, and the Excalibur. This "TopBird" of shows is the only traveling bird show to feature condors, cranes, and cassowaries! In The BIRDMAN® SHOW, you will see incredible birds up close, and come to understand why they need our help.
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  • “Survivor” meets “Gilliganʼs Island” in this hilarious interactive event. Contestants picked from the audience are put thru funny “immunity challenges” while rest of the audience votes for the winner! It’s loads of fun with prizes for all.
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  • Live Stingray Exhibit

    The display is built high so visitors can get "face to face" with the animals. These rays are very smart, we teach them to eat out of your hand in just a few days! All the rays in the exhibit have had their defensive barb removed so they are safe to touch. These barbs grow back in time, so when we return the rays to the wild they can defend themselves again. Removing the barb does not hurt the animal and makes them as safe to touch as a house cat!
  • Bungee Trampoline

    A multi station Super Trampoline system that enables a person to jump over 2 stories high (20 to 26Ft) into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even Gymnasts green with envy. By having 4 stations, everyone can enjoy the feeling of vertical exhilaration! All day, Everyday.
  • These porkers can really set a quick pace. Your family will "squeal" with delight watching our fast-paced pack of pigs race to the finish. Join in the action packed fun of our Pig Races. See if you can pick the pig that will win it all! This is one attraction you do not want to miss! Get ready to cheer and laugh, fun for the WHOLE family!
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  • With almost 30 years of Experience, World Class BMX Superstars and a fresh approach, the BMX Freestyle team will put on a show that you won’t soon forget. Exciting, Entertaining, Educational & Memorable, giving you the "Ultimate BMX Freestyle Stunt Show Experience".
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A line-up of world class entertainment is created by the producers of the Annual Ostrich Festival. There is something for every taste! There is entertainment for all ages. All shows and attractions are included with the price of admission. You are sure to be entertained!