• Laura Marano

    Meet & Greet "Ally" Sunday 11a.m. - 4p.m. at the Main StageLaura Marano stars as the lead “Ally” in the international hit Disney Channel television series "Austin and Ally". This star is well on her way to becoming Disney’s next breakout and role model for teens everywhere. See Showtimes
  • Ostrich Races

    The Great American Ostrich Races -- When was the last time you witnessed an ostrich race? If you haven’t yet experienced it, you must make it a point to attend this hilarious and unpredictable event. At the 2015 Ostrich Festival, ostrich races will captivate audiences with their crazy riders and unexpected animal behavior. See Showtimes
  • Colt Ford

    With his groundbreaking blend of country music and hip-hop rhythms, Ford is a cultural force who is ready to go from cult status to a household name, from the mud trucker events where he started to arena stages, where he’ll next be seen sharing the bill with Toby Keith on his “Shut Up and Hold On” summer tour. See Showtimes
  • CO-OP with Special Guest Mr. Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Charity Presents: An evening featuring Dash Cooper's Band CO-OP with guest appearance by Mr. Alice Cooper - as well as other bands, solo artists and dancers from Solid Rock's Teen Center and Proof is in the Pudding participants. See Showtimes
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